Sam & Freddie.


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Mr Schneider


You have wasted my time, my patience, and frankly my emotions. Even worse, you have wasted three amazing characters and such a rare fantastic opportunity that comes around maybe once in a lifetime if you’re lucky. You took that opportunity and those characters we care for so deeply and turned it all into a bad, sick joke. That is not how you do plot, character development, relationships, or even just TV. Get a clue, a grip, and a lobotomy.

no coffee shop poet at all: almea: I am just so FRUSTRATED NOW.It’s not about the ships okay. It...


I am just so FRUSTRATED NOW.

It’s not about the ships okay. It partially is. But a FUCKING HUGE PART of it isn’t.

Sam and Freddie had like ONE scene where the interacted directly with each other.

One scene in the entire finale.

And that is not okay. Like, at all.

Because they’re…



I’m disappointed.

Not that seddie didn’t get back together, because I wasn’t expecting that. 

Not because creddie kissed, because I had been expecting that…for months now.

I’m disappointed because…

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I feel like I should tell you lovely people that I probably won’t ever be coming back. I got way in over my head with this ship. I have never shipped anything as hard as I did these two, but it’s not gonna end the way I KNEW in my heart of hearts it would. I made a post a while back saying I was breaking up with my OTP. And I have done that. I have distanced myself from them so much so, that whenever they pop up on my dash I actually cringe. I have almost all things iCarly blacklisted b/c it just hurts too much. I know I sound like a little brat saying all of this, maybe I am. I wanted you all to know. I will never ship anything like I shipped Sam and Freddie ever again. It was painful. That being said, I learned something from this. Sorry to the people hoping I’ll show back up. I don’t believe I will watch the final episodes b/c I don’t really care how it ends if they aren’t together. It was fun for a while, but mostly it just sucks that Dan ruined what could have been epic. Anyways. I love all of you for following, and I won’t be sad if you unfollow me now. I do suggest you go follow Ash’s epic iCarly blog though. She’s stronger than me, and she’s not going anywhere. I won’t shut it down b/c I put way too much effort into it to delete it. Enjoy the final episodes everyone. I love you guys.

so I’m basically just trying to figure out how it can be a seddie ending.


  • breaking up with your otp hurts like hell.

"He’s still in love with me, it’s kind of sad."