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I love what you said about the episode and totally agree. I'm sad to hear you don't plan to make gifs right away though. I was really looking forward to them. I'll be okay lol

I will eventually… probably by tomorrow I will be over it bc I can’t stay mad or upset for very long, they will come, it will just be after everyone has already giffed everything and they are repeats of what’s already out there. :/ I figure that won’t matter if they are pretty though hopefully. :P

so I downloaded the episode and I might make gifs, I might not. either way it will probably be a little while before I do. and to all the people who are sad and afraid this is over, it’s far from over. all Dan did was just open up the possibilities. :0) they will be together and it will be forever we just have to get to forever. Here’s hoping it’s not the last episode of the show and we get to see the REAL Sam and Freddie couple for a little while. I’ve honestly never been more sure of them being the endgame on this show than I am right now, and will forever believe. and the way it was done you kind of don’t want to mourn their relationship bc they weren’t really acting like themselves, they were doing what everyone else around them told them to do. But Freddie loves Sam and Sam loves Freddie and instead of hugging it out or getting a kiss on the cheek they postponed their break up to make out some more. I have a feeling Freddie will become a little more abnormal, and Sam will become more normal except as they do so it’s just them growing up. Best break up of all break ups? I think so. Either way, don’t lose hope for them, if anything you should be excited for what’s coming. 

so did we like the episode or not?

here is too perfect. I doubt one could get is about the episode of iCarly, which episodes are these gifs? samandfreddie*tumblr*com/post*/10363092452* , Thanks in advance

They are all from iCan’t Take It. :) I’m pretty sure if you google iCan’t Take It filestube you can probably find a download for it. :P

i’m not above shameless pimping.

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I looooooooooooooove your tumblr!! This is so perfect! (sorry my bad english, I'm from Brazil)

awwww thank you!!!! you’re English is just fine. ;)

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